About me

I am a 4th-year PhD candidate under the supervision of Prof. Juan Cao and Prof. Fuzhen Zhuang at Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICT, CAS).

My research focuses on Machine Learning and Data Mining. In particular, I am working on Transfer Learning, Meta Learning, and their application Recommender Systems.

Email: zhuyongchun18s@ict.ac.cn & zhuyc0204@gmail.com


  • Personalized Transfer of User Preferences for Cross-domain Recommendation (Acceptance rate: 159/786=20.23%)
    Yongchun Zhu, Zhenwei Tang, Yudan Liu, Fuzhen Zhuang, Ruobing Xie, Xu Zhang, Leyu Lin, and Qing He.
    In WSDM 2022. [Download paper] [Code]

  • MDFEND: Multi-domain Fake News Detection (Acceptance rate: 177/626=28.3%)
    Qiong Nan, Juan Cao, Yongchun Zhu, Yanyan Wang, and Jintao Li.
    In CIKM 2021. [Download paper]

  • Learning to Expand Audience via Meta Hybrid Experts and Critics for Recommendation and Advertising (Acceptance rate: 138/705=19.57%)
    Yongchun Zhu, Yudan Liu, Ruobing Xie, Fuzhen Zhuang, Xiaobo Hao, Kaikai Ge, Xu Zhang, Leyu Lin and Juan Cao.
    In KDD 2021. [Download paper]

  • Modeling the Sequential Dependence among Audience Multi-step Conversions with Multi-task Learning in Targeted Display Advertising (Acceptance rate: 138/705=19.57%)
    Dongbo Xi, Zhen Chen, Peng Yan, Yinger Zhang, Yongchun Zhu, Fuzhen Zhuang and Yu Chen.
    In KDD 2021. [Download paper]

  • Learning to Warm Up Cold Item Embeddings for Cold-start Recommendation with Meta Scaling and Shifting Networks (Acceptance rate: 151/720=20.97%)
    Yongchun Zhu, Ruobing Xie, Fuzhen Zhuang, Kaikai Ge, Ying Sun, Xu Zhang, Leyu Lin and Juan Cao.
    In SIGIR 2021. [Download paper]

  • Transfer-Meta Framework for Cross-domain Recommendation to Cold-Start Users (Acceptance rate: 145/526=27.6%)
    Yongchun Zhu, Kaikai Ge, Fuzhen Zhuang, Ruobing Xie, Dongbo Xi, Xu Zhang, Leyu Lin and Qing He.
    In SIGIR 2021. [Download paper]

  • Deep Subdomain Adaptation Network for Image Classification
    Yongchun Zhu, Fuzhen Zhuang, Jindong Wang, Guolin Ke, Jingwu Chen, Jiang Bian, Hui Xiong, Qing He.
    In TNNLS 2021. [Download paper] [Code]

  • Modeling the Field Value Variations and Field Interactions Simultaneously for Fraud Detection (Acceptance rate: 1692/7911=21.4%)
    Dongbo Xi, Bowen Song, Fuzhen Zhuang, Yongchun Zhu, Shuai Chen, Tianyi Zhang, Yuan Qi, Qing He.
    In AAAI 2021. [Download paper]

  • Modeling Users' Behavior Sequences with Hierarchical Explainable Network for Cross-domain Fraud Detection (Acceptance rate: 217/1129=19.2%)
    Yongchun Zhu, Dongbo Xi, Bowen Song, Fuzhen Zhuang, Shuai Chen, Xi Gu, Qing He.
    In TheWebConf 2020. [Download paper]

  • A Comprehensive Survey on Transfer Learning
    Fuzhen Zhuang, Zhiyuan Qi, Keyu Duan, Dongbo Xi, Yongchun Zhu, Hengshu Zhu, Hui Xiong, Qing He.
    In Proc. IEEE 2020. [Download paper]

  • Neural Hierarchical Factorization Machines for User’s Event Sequence Analysis (Acceptance rate: 153/507=30.2%)
    Dongbo Xi, Fuzhen Zhuang, Bowen Song, Yongchun Zhu, Shuai Chen, Tao Chen, Xi Gu, Qing He.
    In SIGIR 2020. [Download paper]

  • Multi-Representation Adaptation Network for Cross-domain Image Classification
    Yongchun Zhu, Fuzhen Zhuang, Jindong Wang, Jingwu Chen, Qing He.
    In Neural Network 2019. [Download paper] [Code]

  • Adaptively transfer category-classifier for handwritten Chinese character recognition (Acceptance rate: 140/567=24.7%)
    Yongchun Zhu, Fuzhen Zhuang, Jingyuan Yang, Xi Yang and Qing He.
    In PAKDD 2019. [Download paper]

  • Aligning Domain-specific Distribution and Classifier for Cross-domain Classification from Multiple Sources (Acceptance rate: 1150/7095=16.2%)
    Yongchun Zhu, Fuzhen Zhuang, Deqin Wang.
    In AAAI 2019. [Download paper] [Code]


  • 2020-: Tencent school-enterprise cooperation project
    We focus on the cold-start problem in recommender systems(Wechat Top Stories), and our work has been submitted to AAAI2021.

  • 2019-2020: Ant Financial Security Special Research Fund
    We focus on the fraud detection tasks in a world-leading cross-border e-commerce platform Lazada. We not only solve the fraud detection task in one country, but also cross-border fraud detection. Our work has been accepted by TheWebConf2020 and SIGIR2020. Besides, we won the first place in the Ant Financial Security Special Research Fund(1/19).


  • Research intern at Wechat, 2020.
  • Research intern at Ant Financial Services Group, 2019.
  • Research intern at Microsoft Research Asia, 2018.

Selected awards

  • 2020: ByteDance Summer Camp Champion(字节跳动夏令营冠军).
  • 2020: Merit Student of ICT(中科院计算所三好学生).
  • 2019: 4Paradigm Scholarship(One of the top scholarships in ICT, CAS)(第四范式奖学金).
  • 2019: First-class Scholarship of CAS(中科院一等奖学金).
  • 2018: Beijing Outstanding Graduate (北京市优秀毕业生).
  • 2017: Merit Student of BNU(北师大三好学生).
  • 2016 & 2017: First-class Scholarship of BNU(北师大一等奖学金).
  • 2016 & 2017: Competition First-class Scholarship of BNU(北师大竞赛一等奖学金).
  • 2016: National Scholarship(国家奖学金).
  • 2016: Gold medal in Beijing Challenge Cup competition(北京市挑战杯创业大赛金奖).